Home Organizing



An orderly, clutter-free home is something almost everyone dreams about. But today’s hectic lifestyles often interfere with achieving this goal. Whether you are a busy professional, an overwhelmed family, or a senior faced with the prospect of downsizing, Order Your Life can help tackle your organizing demons.

Our team members can work with you to:

  • Remove clutter – Let us help you declutter and organize your kitchen, dining and living room, bath and bedrooms, closets, attic, basement and garage.
  • Find an appropriate place for the things you can’t keep – Face it, it’s hard to part with stuff. Whether it’s a treasured heirloom or a child’s artwork, we will help you make those hard decisions and help you find a place to donate or sell things you can’t use anymore.
  • Stage a homeStaging your home using what you already have can help highlight the beauty of your home when you are getting it ready for sale.
  • Make your new home work for youStart out right! Our move-in services will help you start fresh and clutter free.
  • Edit your space and rearrange roomsSometimes things don’t work because your space is not arranged to help you. Let us look at your room arrangement with new eyes and help you make the most of your current living space.

For home organization, our sessions run a minimum of three hours. Contact Order Your Life to learn more.