Penny on Fujitsu ScanSnap


As a member of the Fujitsu ScanSnap Squad, I am dedicated to helping people achieve a clutter free desk-top and a stress-free life through the advanced scanning technology found in the ScanSnap products.  I have tried many scanners throughout my career, and I have to say that the ScanSnap scanners stand apart from all the rest. Why?

1)     They are portable.  Forget those oversized flat bed scanners or the all-in-one printers that have a scanner built in.  They are cumbersome, and you certainly can’t put one in your tote bag to take along with you if you need to take it somewhere.  Even the largest of the ScanSnaps, the iX500, takes up less than 11×6 inches of room on your desk.  And believe me, it’s worth every inch.

2)      They are fast.  Flat bed scanners, more often than not, take several minutes to scan just one or two pages and can only do one page at a time.  The ScanSnaps all have automatic feeders and other than the S1100, can scan multi pages and duplex (both sides at one time).  I recently timed my new iX500, which scanned 15 pages of medical bills in just over 30 seconds.

3)      They work interchangeably on PC and Mac and have no limit on the number of computers you can install them on.  I need say no more.

4)      They now can work with your mobile device.  The newly released iX500 can actually scan directly to your iPhone, iPad or Android using their free scanning app.  How cool is that? Plus it can scan up to 50 pages at once, double sided.

5)      Probably most importantly, they make your valuable information easily searchable. If you have a file cabinet, even one that is well organized, you still have to walk over to the file cabinet, open it up, pull out the file, and start rifling through the papers to find the document you want to find.  And that’s if you’re well organized!  With scanned paper, using OCR or Optical Character Recognition and a good system of naming and organizing your electronic files, you can sit at your desk, type in a key word on your computer, and the document you want will pop right up. This, more than anything, makes scanning so incredibly useful.

Don’t forget, once you scan your documents, especially ones that are confidential, you need to make sure they are backed up, either on an external hard drive or in the cloud with a secure system.  There are many out there these days, including CrashPlan, SugarSync, Dropbox, Carbonite and Mozy.  You will need to research which one is best for your needs.  Once your files are scanned and backed up, the paper versions need to be shredded using a cross cut or confetti cut shredder.  I recommend the Fellowes Powershred W-11C  for regular home use or the Fellowes Powershred 79Ci for heavy duty shredding.

As you can see, I am a true scanning convert and would love to help you go paper-less if you are interested in doing so. Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have about the ScanSnap products, or if you would like to set up a virtual appointment to get started on getting your desktop and filing cabinets clear of paper for once and for all!

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