Paperless Office Organizing

Is your desk buried in stacks of paper? Is your computer desktop covered with files and screen shots and folders that you don’t remember why you created?  Do you have an oppressive number of unopened emails?

Both physical and digital clutter create the same frustrations. We waste time looking for an item, we feel overwhelmed by the mess and, ultimately, energy that we should have spent enjoying the rest of our lives is lost.

Let Order Your Life help you get that energy back.  We specialize in helping residential and business clients clear both paper and digital clutter.  Much of our digital decluttering work can be done remotely through screen sharing programs.

We can help you:

  • Sort through and purge your paper piles to help you determine what you really need to keep using established paper retention methods
  • Scan documents you need to keep with easy-to-use Fujitsu ScanSnap products
  • Set up and maintain cloud-based storage systems like Dropbox and Evernote so that you can easily access your information from anywhere
  • Organize your existing computer files and folders into a structure that makes sense to you
  • Clear out trash, download and other folders from your computer
  • Clear out and manage your email overload
  • Set up and train you to use secure online password management tools like LastPass
  • Manage mailing lists, subscriptions, and billing companies to minimize the amount of paper you receive
  • Set up online calendars and task management apps
  • Set up and manage conventional paper filing systems
  • Provide ongoing training to help you continue on the path of an ordered and paperless life

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