Paper-Less Office Organizing

Paperless Office Organizing Photo

Order Your Life specializes in helping residential and business clients clear the paper clutter.  Check out 7 Tips for Starting to Go Paperless to learn more about how to get started.   Some of the ways Penny can help you unbury your office or home from the stacks of paper include:

  • Scanning existing documents with easy-to-use Fujitsu ScanSnap products
  • Setting up and maintaining cloud-based storage systems like Dropbox, Evernote, and other apps
  • Managing mailing lists, subscriptions, and billing companies to minimize the amount of paper you receive
  • Establishing online calendars and task management apps
  • Setting up and managing conventional filing systems
  • Instituting money management services that include:
    • Organizing and keeping track of financial and medical insurance papers
    • Assisting with check writing
    • Maintaining bank accounts
    • Assisting with tax preparation
    • Setting up and maintaining personal finance and money management tools (Quicken, Mint, etc.)
  • Providing training to help you continue on the path of an ordered and paper-less office and home

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