Meet Penny

While I was born in Washington DC, I was lucky enough to spend my childhood growing up in Africa and Asia as the daughter of a US diplomat.  Frequent family moves (every 2-3 years), which involved packing up entire households and starting over at new schools, gave me an early start on developing the social and organizing skills which I now use daily in my profession, as well as giving me an open and engaged outlook on the world.

As an adult, I finally realized that professional organizing was my calling when I found myself organizing my friends’ junk drawers and children’s toys while at parties, just for the fun of it!  I also love to while away the hours organizing my computer files and clearing out my email inbox (not a thing most normal people like to do).  This penchant for keeping things in order, coupled with my extroverted and energetic personality, led me to start my own professional organizing business, and Order Your Life was born in 2009.

Prior to starting Order Your Life LLC, I ran two home-based businesses for almost ten years, working as a freelance health research advocacy consultant and also founding Penelope Designs, for which I still design and craft jewelry and hand-knit accessories.  Before that, I worked for more than 15 years in public relations, non-profit program development, and office management, giving me a strong grounding in administration, computer skills, and efficient paper and computer filing.  An Apple aficionado, I am very much at home on the iPad, iPhone and Mac and am more than happy to share my knowledge of Apps and all other things Apple with clients and friends.

My goals are two-fold: 1) to help small businesses, particularly those run by women from their homes, achieve greater efficiency and profitability by developing and implementing organizing systems that are tailored to their needs, and 2) to help my residential clients let go of the excess in their lives, realize and honor what is truly important, and give them the tools to get and stay organized for the long term.  As a member of the Fujitsu ScanSnap Squad, I encourage my clients to use the latest scanning technology to reduce paper clutter and keep all their key information literally at their fingertips.

I currently serve as the Director of Communications and Technology for Board of NAPO-WDC, and in 2012, served as the co-chair for GO (Get Organized) Month, working to raise awareness of the non-profit group A Wider Circle.  I am also available for workshops on helping people begin to go paperless using scanning and other technologies, as well as for speaking engagements on home office and small business organizing.