Home Organizing Results

In the midst of a challenging time of transition and change for my family, the wonderful team at Order Your Life provided calm amidst the chaos. I can not speak more highly of their thoughtfulness and professionalism. Penny, Joanna, Sue, and all the other wonderful people at work behind the scenes simultaneously juggled our many needs with efficiency and aplomb. I am beyond grateful for all their help and recommend their services without reservation.  AB – Washington, DC


It was a great pleasure working with Sue—it made a HUGE difference in how I approached and felt about unpacking and kitchen arranging!  TK – Falls Church, VA

I have used the services of Order Your Life to help me care for my 96 year old aunt for several months. The work of Penny Catterall and Sue Crow is simply over the top and exceeds expectations. They treat my aunt as if she is their own. They have been so patient about the decluttering process, learning about my aunt’s life history, and genuinely interested in her many “collectibles”, shall we say. Sue has a family background in antiques which comes in particularly handy. Penny is a wiz with the financial aspects, paying the bills, sorting through the mail, making suggestions about cost savings, and starting an organized file cabinet. There is no task or problem too small or large for them to fix. As I try to manage my aunt’s life from a distance and keep her in her own home, these women are truly godsends.  I guarantee you will not find more dedicated people.  My aunt and our whole family have been so blessed to have their care and skill. I cannot endorse their character and work more strongly. Chas Mangano MD – Raleigh, NC

Penny has literally saved my life! We have been working for well over a year now, step by step, to clean out and organize my home, from papers, files, and office space, to kitchen drawers and cabinets, to basement and laundry room, and on to the garage! And we still have rooms to go! We have thrown out bags and bags of junk, we have given away much more, and my peace of mind has improved 150%, literally. Penny is better than a therapist – instead of talking about why I can’t get my home organized, Penny helps me just get the job done. And even more, Penny has references for everything, from a new (and more reasonable) orthodontist for our son, to a roofer, to a cleaning crew – whatever we need we call Penny! Every single reference has been top notch and reasonably priced – this is a godsend.  And what has come as a surprise is that working with Penny I have learned so much and had so much fun that my own “block” to getting things organized has slowly eroded – I find myself taking an hour here or two hours there to get a task done and follow through to finish. This is a HUGE step for me. I love Joanna too, I will add. She and I cleaned our entire garage together – I don’t think it had been cleaned out in 10 years – including a trip to the main recycling center where we lugged old cans of paint and TVs, computers and other appliances, and to Home Depot where we bought new hoses which Joanna installed in the garage before she left! Joanna is a handy-woman, she’s as handy with a hammer and nails or pulling apart and fixing an old vacuum cleaner as she is toting large boxes and spraying down old furniture and bicycles to give away. This team cannot be beat! BH – Bethesda, MD


Penny, thank  you so much for all of  your work with AS throughout the condo downsize and sale process.  What a relief to have this completed and really, you were invaluable.  If we think back to when we first looked at her condo (full of bags and furniture) to where we are now, quite a lot has been accomplished thanks to you!  Holly Mak – Jackson & Campbell


Throughout our appointments, Penny was more than understanding about what lies beneath the physical clutter and helped me through the emotional burden of discarding all sorts of (not useful) memories with a gentle hand. I am writing this from my new space, made possible with Penny’s help. If you are hesitating whether to invest in a professional organizer, hesitate no more. This morning, as I sat to work, my first words were “Thank you, Penny” times three!  CE – Bethesda, MD


When it came time to clean out my basement filled with papers written in college, text books, old photos, and my husband’s mismatched cookware from his bachelor days, I felt overwhelmed and couldn’t see the forest through the trees. Penny was so focused and motivated that unpacking the dusty boxes didn’t seem to be the chore I feared it would be. Plus, I’m a very sentimental person who would hold on to everything if I could but Penny helped me realize which items were truly important to me and which weren’t. I would recommend her to anyone and plan to hire her again for my next organization project!  EW – Bethesda, MD


Have you ever procrastinated, month after month after month, because it’s just too intimidating to tackle the disorganized places in your house? That’s me, in a nutshell! Bringing Penny on board was the answer—we just jumped right in together. We tackled the basement overflowing with toys, art supplies, and office clutter. With Penny, time flew by and I was shocked how quickly she whipped things into shape! That’s because Penny has a can-do attitude, a work ethic that puts Puritans to shame, and the energy to stay focused, and on-task for each and every moment. She gives you her best and holds nothing back!  AD – Bethesda, MD


Wow, with Penny’s help and guidance we’ve been clearing out one space at a time. I can’t believe that she could do in 4 hours what I couldn’t do in 10 years. I look forward to tackling spaces now. Best part, no judgment on her part. I think I’ll also save quite a bit of money because now that things are organized, I know what I have and what I don’t need any more of.  MK – Bethesda, MD


Penny is incredible. We had lived in our home for two years and had yet to sit on the couch in our furnished basement, where we had intended to set up the TV room. Instead, we carefully navigated stacks of boxes and, well, stuff. In 3 days of working with Penny, our basement was transformed into a room that we use daily both as play space for the children and relaxing for the adults. She’s a miracle worker in the office, too! Cannot recommend Penny highly enough.  DS – Bethesda, MD


Organizational skills are Penny – she has an innate talent for this: it is in her blood. She moves at good, swift pace yet she has been incredibly patient. She is concise and clear in her thinking about next steps and the big picture. I look forward to continued accomplishments in a situation where I thought we would drown in my mother’s clutter.  SS – Washington, DC


Penny’s work with us has been invaluable. She has changed the way we think and act in our home. We have 4 daughters and a big dog and keeping on top of clutter is a constant chore. I now feel better equipped for this daily challenge and have many new systems in place. Penny gives me the push I need to get rid of unnecessary items while understanding which things have sentimental value. And I love being organized and having more time for hobbies! JY – Bethesda, MD

Penny has been steadfastly working through my dad’s desk and he feels so much better with her help. She is amazing. She is patient and kind as she sorts through the organizing challenges of those older and not so older. Most important, she is one of the most trusted people I know. Penny should definitely be on everyone’s ” GO TO” list!  JK – Bethesda, MD


I live a very busy life and have always dreamed of an organized household but never thought with my busy schedule it could be accomplished. Joanna Cady has showed me it can be done and I can maintain it. Joanna started in my kitchen and thoughtfully asked questions about how I cooked and prepared meals. Her questions provided a logical framework that made it clear where items should be stored. She organized my kitchen to fit me and it worked. My kitchen is still pristine after 2 months.   Organizing my kitchen is saving me money! I discovered I had more tea than could reasonably be consumed by 10 people. Because my cabinets were unorganized, I never knew what I had, so I bought more. Now I know what I have, I put items in their place and I do not buy things I do not need. Joanna helped me make my kitchen an enjoyable place to be. Now she is helping me with the rest of the apartment.  MPF – Arlington, VA

Joanna Cady helped us to stage and organize our home when we were in the process of moving in April 2014 after over 18 years in the same home.  We had an extraordinary amount of organization that needed to be done in a very short window.  Joanna provided us with a calm demeanor which helped up get through the process.  Her talents were even more recognizable when we began to stage our home, she was able to maximize the space and décor in a way which would appeal to a wide variety of potential buyers. We truly believe it was her guiding hand that helped us to sell our home so quickly and for the price we desired.  AC – Washington DC