Paperless Solutions for Tax Time

Tax time is right around the corner, but are you ready? Paperless solutions for tax filing can help make this normally hectic time of the year easier and less stressful. As a small business owner or regular taxpayer, you may be trying to save money by doing all your own tax prep, but unless you’re extremely organized ahead of time, this can be challenging, to say the least.

Delays spent searching will cost you big bucks

Even if you have a CPA whom you trust, it can still be a nightmare sorting through a mountain of files and folders to give them all the information they need. Wasting precious time on things like that is enough to make any sane person crazy. The answer is to adopt a set of paperless solutions for tax time. Why?

Accountants work on an hourly basis and charge a premium price to prepare your taxes.  They are not equipped to handle the task of organizing your financial papers in a cost-effective manner. From the moment you walk into their office, the clock is ticking and you are being charged for every minute. Any delays will cost you.

Save Money By Hiring a Professional Financial Organizer

If you want to save money for your business by claiming deductions and taking tax breaks, you need to raise the bar in terms of accuracy by making sure your expenses are right and tight. That means getting better organized.

As a professional financial organizer specializing in home office and small business organizing, I frequently get asked this time of year to help my clients, both small business and personal, prepare tax documents for their accountants. I love this part of my work, as I show them how to create paperless solutions for tax time.

From bags of receipts to a simple worksheet

Several of my clients keep all their tax-deductible receipts in boxes or even shopping bags around their homes. Oftentimes, tax documents and receipts are mixed up with junk mail and other non-tax documents. For me, it’s like a treasure hunt to go through all the paper to find and separate out what is relevant for taxes. Many of my older clients have high out of pocket medical expenses, which are often tax deductible. Using my Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner, I scan any medical expenses not covered by insurance, and convert the information into a spreadsheet. I can categorize everything that is tax related according to a schedule C, or by the correct medical expense category, and put it into a worksheet to give to the client’s accountant.

Paperless Solutions for Tax Time for Risk-Averse Clients

While many of my clients are comfortable with scanning and saving their tax documents on their computer and using a cloud-based backup like Dropbox or Box, others are very nervous about trusting their information to the cloud. For them, I review their tax-deductible expenses on a regular basis, scanning any receipts and create files or an Excel spreadsheet that gets saved on their computer’s hard drive. This works just fine – as long as they manually back up their computer regularly!

If you are a small business owner and think you might be ready to go paperless for taxes, here’s my 5 Step Plan to get started.

Your 5 Step Paperless Solution for Tax Time

1. Create an electronic folder on your computer in called Taxes (Year) and a corresponding physical  file folder in an easy to locate place, like your desktop or front of a close-by file drawer. Put all tax documents directly into the paper folder as they come in the mail, and download any tax documents that are sent to you electronically into the digital Taxes folder.

2. Think about investing in a dedicated document scanner like a Fujitsu ScanSnap that will give you multi-sheet scanning capability in a compact space with one-button ease of operation.  As you collect expense receipts during the tax year, scan and save them immediately into an online folder named “Business Expense (Year)” for backup in case the IRS requests it. The IRS has accepted scanned versions of receipts since 1997, according to Revenue Procedure 97-22). I suggest that you sub-divide your expenses into the same categories used by the IRS. For example: Meals, Supplies, Parking, Contractors, etc. If you get receipts by email, save them as PDFs (please don’t print and then scan them again!) and file them in the folders as described above.

3. Consider using the specialized software ScanSnap Receipt that comes with every ScanSnap. It can extract critical data like the vendor, date, category, and amount spent from every receipt you scan. You can then export the data into a spreadsheet format. That data can be saved and used to track spending by category for your Schedule C.

4. For automated tracking, use an online bookkeeping software or app – like the free app Everlance – to keep track of your income and expense items throughout the year. Or you can use a more comprehensive solution like Quickbooks or GoDaddy Bookkeeping. Make sure also to keep track of the miles you drive for business, as those are deductible as well.

5. If your tax preparer is paperless too, share your Taxes folder with them on a secure online file sharing system like Dropbox or Box – no need to send shoeboxes of receipts! Your preparer will only see the data that you choose to share with them, and nothing else.  And many CPAs now have their own secure portals to upload tax information too.

Taxes one hundred years ago

Taxes were much easier a hundred years ago! Just one page to fill out!

There you have it. The stark reality is that April 15 is almost here and you need a plan now. I won’t dispute that getting ready for your taxes can be a daunting task – it is. But now with so much technology at your fingertips, you don’t have to feel so overwhelmed.

Are you ready to adopt paperless solutions for tax time?  The next move is yours: for more information on my paperless solutions for tax time and more of my services, visit my Paperless Office Organizing web page.

Go Digital in 2018 – Paperless Organization for Home or Office

Paperless organization for your home or office? Developing a paperless organization system for your home or office will give you the peace of mind you need. Imagine what paperless organization would look like for you. You’ll breathe a sigh of relief as you glance down at the surface of your clear and uncluttered desk. You smile as you notice that there’s hardly a stray paper anywhere in sight. You feel at peace knowing that your computer is fully functional and humming along at optimal speed. All your folders are tagged, named and categorized. Sleep comes easy now that you have a paperless system to pay all the bills and a way of tracking all your to-dos, accounts and commitments. Life is so much easier being organized.

Paperless Organization for Home or Office

paperless organization client's officeAs a digital organizer, I transform my clients’ paper-cluttered spaces into peaceful and productive rooms.

Most of my clients admit to feeling embarrassed because they have not been able to organize their paper and office space on their own. But just as a personal trainer is there to get you started on your exercise regimen and keep you accountable, I am here to help you tame  your paper clutter so you can get organized. It’s hard to know where to begin when you’ve been looking at the same piles of paper for so long, but with an objective and professional eye, I can get you started.

paperless organization client's 2 sleeping dogs

Recently I worked with a client who has her own home-based massage therapy business. She is a busy mom with three kids and two dogs. In addition to running all aspects of her own business and personal life, she also manages her elderly parents’ finances and has a position on the board of directors of her country club.

When she contacted me for help with her paperless organization, she admitted, “I‘ve been too embarrassed to have anyone come to my office and see all this paper. But I decided this year is it. I am ready to go digital. I need to make this investment in myself. For my own peace of mind, I can’t keep up with all of this in this way anymore.”

A Peek Inside: Go Digital in 2018

paperless organization client's iPhoneShe had purchased my Go Digital in 2018 package. This is a 3 hour in-person session where I go to a client’s home office and help them tame their paper clutter so they can get organized. I teach them how to set up electronic systems that will save them time and space. Having a paperless system will cut down on paper costs. If you want to improve your workflow, maximize your productivity, and restore your peace of mind, invest in Go Digital in 2018.

We started our work together by gathering up all the random papers that were everywhere. I showed her how to use Dropbox to create digital folders. This cloud-based file storage system makes it easy to create a hub for all the activities and commitments she needed to track, as well as to access your documents from anywhere.

Using my trusty Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner, we began scanning her business expenses and tax documents. The scans went directly into the appropriately labeled folders in Dropbox. Since CPAs use secure vaults for their clients to share their tax information, it’s easy to upload these documents right into their vault. By the end of our appointment she was so excited about how easy it is to scan with the ScanSnap, that she was ready to purchase one of her own.

We ran into a problem with her computer. Her Mac laptop was circa 2011 and she had not backed up any of her data. Each time I tried to install new software on her computer, it would crash. I suggested she buy a new computer, or get the old one cleaned. I installed the free version of Clean My Mac on her computer, and started it running, while we continued working on her paper.

paperless organization client

A Very Satisfied Paperless Organization Client

Later that day she contacted me to say she had purchased the full version of Clean My Mac, used all the tools, and cleared 14.5 GB from her machine! She is now ready to continue on her quest to go digital, with my assistance when she needs it. It made me very happy to have her say,

“Thanks for empowering me. Such a huge weight lifted.”

Ready to go paperless? For more information on Going Digital in 2018, contact me directly for a free consult.

10 great gifts that won’t clutter their house


Following up on my post from last month on minimizing the stress and excess of the holidays, here are my top ten favorite ideas for consumable (non-thing) holiday gifts.

1. For the music, theater or dance lover: Tickets to a live concert or performance from your local performing arts center.

2. For the busy mom or dad who never has time to think about what to cook every night: A subscription to a prepare-it-yourself meal service or fully prepared meal service.  Here’s a great compilation of the best prepare-it-yourself and fully prepared meal subscription services out there.

3. For the mom who never gets around to spoiling herself: A spa appointment or wellness class from SpaFinder, which offers gift cards to thousands of such services around the world.

4. For the new parents who never get a night out: An offer to baby sit and a gift card to a restaurant of their choice through OpenTable.

5. For kids and adults alike: Movie tickets from Fandango , AMC, or Regal.

6. For the streaming set: A subscription to Audible for books or Spotify for music.

7. For Japanophiles: A Japanese snack or candy subscription box from Bokksu or Japan Crate.

8. For the gourmand: An artisanal cheese selection or selection of craft beers.

9. On behalf of the altruistic person in your life: Consider making a real impact in the world for people who can’t get access to clean drinking water by donating to Charity:Water in their name.

10. For that person in your life who wants to get organized but never gets around to it: A gift certificate to an organizing service like Order Your Life! Or find an organizer or productivity consultant in your local area by going to the NAPO website.

If you want to give them a gift they’ll love without cluttering up their homes, these experiences, services, and consumables are among your best bets!





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